Tuesday, January 29, 2008

long days.

long days are funny.
and by that generalization, i mean i'm talking about today, which was, you guessed it, a long day. (YES! 4 commas in one terribly split up garbled "sentence").

long days. they are so long there's nothing else to make fun of so you resort to making phallic jokes playing off the word "long" (hint: i've had too much benny b today)
long days. they are so long that, and this is statistically supported, they have good moments and bad moments so you can't revel in glory or bitch about how your life sucks.
long days. they areb sol longu theyr blurblrurrurrtogbetluherbltobglebrulr.
long days. they are so long that anything you read is simultaneously profound and yawn-inducing.
long days. they are so long you get into a state of delirium and think it's perfectly okay and healthy to watch 3 episodes of ANTM instead of doing easy, mildly enjoyable homework (a rarity).
long days. they are so long you don't want them to end or you don't know how because you forgot.
long days. they are so long you miss your best friend and can't wait for her to visit but are sad that you have sooo much shit to do while she's here and won't see her until summer because she's going to be flouncing around in maple leaves covering her nudey bits on spring break while you are most likely going to be watching ANTM. still. and eating lots of ice cream. because that's what superpathetico people do. and you would know (you=me=bovez=second person=wtf).

long days are
but this one just officially ended. happy 12:01.

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