Sunday, January 20, 2008

friggidy freaking frick.

yet another weekend checked off the calendar of monotony. this one passed, as usual, with not so much as one easy classes' homework even attempted. and now it's sunday, supposedly the holy day. i'll have you know i was watching "obedece a la morsa", a satanic/cultish video that is like the weirdest thing ever. youtube it. it's not scary to watch (just veryvery creepy) but apparently has subliminal messages and makes you nauseous/not want to sleep for days. the only thing is that it's in spanish so idk if it works on me or not. billy's watched it 4+ times and walks around like the guy (yes, it's a guy) in it.

my dermatologist gave me a fright. i went in to get off my meds because i hate being medicated and i've been sucking it up and plastering on flesh-toned paint (makeup... sick) on the daily lately.
basically i got my blood taken, now being tested for ANA, which has something to do with IMMUNE DEFICIENCIES and lupus (!!!) so i'm just like WTF.
and it's all because of this butterfly-shaped redness on my face. which i'm pretty sure is rosacea. so now we're twins. but i have AIDS. again, wtfffffff (or in spanish, ¡quĂ© chucha!)

on the ecuadorian front, i have this slight feeling that some of them are liking me more. it's weird but i hang out with all of them a lot and we all get along well. i don't know if you heard the results of who they had a crush on initially (after the first weekend we hung out with them).
here's how many boys had crushes on us: lisa: 5. and she didn't talk. alia: 2. and she basically yelled the entire night, which is her indoor voice. sarah: 1. caitlin: 0.

but anyway, this blog is uncomfortable for me to write because i feel oddly biznitchy right now and i think it's showing through to my writing. i've been so crabby lately due to random boys in my house talking until 1 am. keeping in mind, i like going to bed at 11 on weekends. it blowsssss.
so expect a slightly saner, nicer post soon.
and call me back!


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