Wednesday, January 16, 2008

situational writing: if i were... benny b's boo

omgggg isn't this layout, like, so totally the most perfect thing ever?
like, the name of my blog is "dots of thoughts", so when i saw this layout with tons of supercute lil' dots ALL over it, i was like "GAG ME WITH A SPOON IF THIS ISN'T THE CUTEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!"
i literally shrieked that aloud to my bite-sized chihuahua residing in my new gucci barbie pink bag.

benny b is like, the hottest boy ever.
we have the deepest convos too!
like yesterday, he was all telling me how pretty i was and how sexy i looked in my diesel jeans.
i was like "omg, you are too sweet. i'm so glad you think so! i live to be as sexy as i can for you"
it's almost like he doesn't even want to sleep with me the way he talks to me and looks at me.
but that doesn't mean we won't do it... he's like so cute and he thinks i'm sexy so obviously that's all i need to let him take a trip to netherlands. he like so totally really cares about me, i can tell. he even drives me around sometimes and makes zac sit in back so i can have shotty. so what if you can totally see up my midget-sized abercrombie skirt from the rearview mirror, ben doesn't even care if i'm pretty or not.
i just know we'll be together forever and ever. even if we're not exactly dating, we practically are. he just doesn't call me his gf cuz he's not allowed to date cuz his parents won't let him, not that i've met them.

omg, so, you will NOT believe what ali coyle said the other day.
she was all talking to tim sockrider about how she didn't hook up with tab berger but everyone knows she so totally did. i mean, brooke benjamin and i spent 2 mods today in the SS talking about it and anyway, i was there and saw them... i think. i was really wasted LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

anywho, i've gotta jet. ben is texting me with another of his hilarious boner jokes.
omg i <3 him sooooo much. i even sign all my texts "xoxox sexxxxy cait" it's so totally like our thing or something. kind of like soulja boy is our song. that song sooo speaks to me. he told me he'd even superman me after WF if i go with him! whatever that means... guess i'll find out lol.


e.annie.ashby said...

no words...only laughter


e.annie.ashby said...

hello, new blog! you should write more. cuz i mean, if you're waiting for me to's going to be a while. because i'm not INSPIRED right now. my writing material is gone this weekend.

so, you can just keep pouring your heart out into my loving arms!

Hallie Bateman said...

oh my god i am laughing so hard