Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'ello world

cb is back in the blogging world and better than ever.
kind of.

mucho peril on the boy front, but overall happier about myself, even though benny b is always there to remind me i will never be hoish, conformist, hot or cool enough to be his boo.

even though you, my darling annie, have already seen it, i would like to have it down anyway in the history books of my babyblog:

Ode to Babyboy Br*nig*n:
Where to begin on the topic of you, Ben?
Well, you sure as hell slaughtered what I had of Zen.
From your hot sculpted body right down to your face,
everything physical about you is ace.
But when I get down to the truth of "us,"
the possibility you'll ever love be makes me pout and fuss,
for along with those muscles, you hardened your heart,
and the lasting effects? Wow, where to start...
As you coerce and sweettalk girls into bed,
you miss out on the beauty (if any) of what's in their head.
It may seem awesome to "get" all those hoes now
But soon enough, when you're no longer hot, KA-POW!
You'll be left with a cheating wife or an empty bachelor's pad
and all that you'll have is distant memories of the girls you "had."
Now as I'm somewhat feminist, I can't fathom why I don't hate you,
your morals are nil and all words you sexually misconstrue.
The fact that you haven't died from an STD yet is absurd,
but my bitchery shall end as I only have one last parting word:
To your "lady friends," it's not your soul that he misses
for he has NO idea that "women are more than multiple orifices"!

i had to gently decline neal gebhard today... woo that was emotionally draining. especially to see him in front of me writhing and admitting to having a "little thing" for me. ouch.
luckily, i told him "don't have a crush on me. i suck"
which couldn't be farther from the truth (figuratively, not literally on the sucking tyvm*)

who needs school work when love lives are so challenging and exhausting on their own?

that heartbreaking b, cait mehrie

*thankyouverymuch, if you didn't already figure it out.

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e.annie.ashby said...

sorry, that sucking bit was greaaaat.

and, i'm calling you, because all this gos is too juicy to pass up!
welcome back to blogging, it's not as bad as that annie girl makes it out to be.