Thursday, January 24, 2008


indie pretentious, usually closeted
does not go to bed and bitches (usually in head, sometimes on blog) incessantly every single morning after
hates boys that likes her in the most illogical of fashions
caught between the tension of opposites in nearly everything
book sltml (short and long term memory loss)
sucky conversator 99% of the time
needs to write in journal 86% more rather than b to unfortunate loved ones
zero experience in the ex-say category (but ellect-exsay at ig-pay atin-lay. charming. not.)
hates too much
terrible christian
inconsistent as her clothing style
bound to be a cat woman or regional manager of hardees in 20-30 years
worst dieter ever
down on self too much.


e.annie.ashby said...

yeah, i totally feel the last one.
this post was just sad for everyone involved. for you to write, and for me to read. and I could and will refute a b-load of those statements. please, get happy! you have tons of friends, turned a new page in your life of excitement, and are my effing ROLE MODEL, caitlin. you are awesome at conversing! everyone has bed spells, don't be so glum

e.annie.ashby said...

and by feel the last one, i meant, it encapsulates the entire post. *