Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wanta fanta?

(brace yourself, major ecuadorian blathering ahead)

"fantas" has caught on.
nice call, they were demanding to know what it means... they are so slow sometimes.

i think we talked about this pic: the booty hair cut pic?
one of the comments (it's federico's) means: "she is for US TWO," meaning carlos and him
i made carlos translate it for me with a lot of huffs, foot stomps and threats and he was obviously uncomfy, but once he told me that i like stomped out of the room saying "WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT, CARLOS? WHY???"
what i meant, of course, was: WTF (w=why) DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON YOUR SISTER, YOU SICK PERV.

ugh, i glower at him whenever i see him, which is a lot. we are room neighbors. frickin' a.

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