Monday, May 12, 2008

even newer. nüar.

just reread every blog post on this site.
i laughed, i cried, i had to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of it (actually i did zero of these things).

there are two really weird things i've noticed about myself:
one. i love to give compliments i absolutely don't mean. i automatically will comment on some sick chick's nasty ratty streaky hair that i hate. it's the weirdest thing. the less i like something, the more i'm inclined to tell someone i like it.
two. i revel in the excitement of drama and hardships. today i could feel my pulse rising when my mom said twelve magical words that NEVER cease to perk me right up, intent: "i should probably just tell you guys, because you need to know." she says it in this tone that just screams advance-regret and probably-should-but-don't-wanna. the news was that cole's ex-girlfriend (who still goes to weekly dinner and prom with cole???) got in a serious car accident, how serious is unknown to her but "cole's crying." she's fine, currently in surgery to fix her exploded ankle and knee. whenever things happen like this, you know the things that you're just like "HA! that's just GREA-A-A-A-T. thanks." in a scathingly sarcastic tone, i can't help but be excited.

ohhh man. my therapist in thirty years will probably make a fortune off this alone.
insert eye roll and sigh.

new! or should i say n00...?

interesting, very interesting.
i find it hard to blog anymore. i get nervous when all i write about is current events and myself, because i want to be more than that. i want to be intellectual, selfless and discuss matters of the world and things that pertain to everyone and not just me.
but i can't.
i don't know enough on each topic. the only truth i know is that of which i witness and experience day to day.

and that's subjectivity for ya, babe.