Friday, January 25, 2008

whoremonal overload/overwhelm

ok i'd like to start by saying... lylas bffaeaeaeaeeae omg ty 4 da the comments on my last post.
yikes... i'm just a rollercoaster. not of love, though.

i need to write about boys.
january of my senior year... i think everyone has S.A.D. and takes out their anxiety through carnal ways.
so tonight we all ended up at alia's: all the ecuadorians, zac, ben, charlie, david, graham, ev, sarah, emma, etc.
here's how the events unfolded:
-zac and ben showed but i was a bit shy. i played wii with them... but there wasn't much talking. ben disappeared soon thereafter but zac stayed till the end, chatting with char, alia, y david.
-emma and sarah confronted carlos for like 3 hours and ran away when i tried to see what was up... later tackling me to tell me that carlos is "fucking obsessed" (emma's words) with me and that zac reallyreally likes me. zac said he wants to go to winter formal with me and, in response to emma's "we'll doll her up," said "i'll take her just the way she is." i then proceeded to pseudo-ignore him until he left and i said bye and alia yelled at me because i didn't walk him to the door and ask him to winter formal. this is the first time we'd ever hung out in our lives!! ugh.
-jaime and carlos were yelling at each other in spanish for like 10 minutes and allegedly they were fighting over me.
-federico and i flirted it up... but i guess i'm just hallucinating because apparently he doesn't like any of us and has a girl at home (i saw a pic... she's SUPER gorgeous)
-david and graham harassed me to go make a move on zac... and when i got home i checked my email, david asked if i popped the question. conversation as follows:
caitlin- "no...
can i just say one thing:
tonight was the first time zac and i have ever hung out.

who are YOU asking, mr. accusypants!
wait it's sadie hawk. nvm."
david- "maybe you...?
but i didn't think you were going to ask him anyways
you and panchi would be cute"

4 guys. 1 night. 1 cup.
S.A.D. rears its ugly head.

one more thing to make this post as debbie downer as possible:
my 103-yr old great grandma is in hospice, something i'd never heard of. my mom told me they put her on a bunch of drugs and, even though she won't eat, they don't tube her. i was crying and yelling "they're letting her STARVE!? that's MURDER!"

see what i mean by rollercoaster.

can't wait till you get home.
just for the record, i'm not nearly as moody or cynical in person— to prove this i will reference (bitchily haha) the 4 guys thing. i'm happy most of the time. my life is exciting, and i've come a looong way socially. i don't feel like a loser and i am getting out there.
your visit will be fun, i promise.
by the way, the fantas have seen "y tĂș madre tambien"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll leave you with the image of semen staining the mountains (or murky chlorinated pool water, whichever)

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e.annie.ashby said...

DAMN, girl!
I understand why you are confused and overwhelmed, but frankly, I'm impressed! You have like 230934824 boys crawling on their knees, begging to be your lover.
YOU get to choose. And I know you aren't used to this. So think about it, yes, but, can't get much better.
Minus the whole grandmadres thing, for which I'm very sorry. Is that why your status says you hate funerals? ):

If worst comes to worst, let all these bitches slide. I'm fucking obsessed with you, and I'm the only one for youuuu.