Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hey girl heyyyyy

you have not departed from omaha, but as far as i know, you are gone gone gone...
so farrrr away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

just a few updates:
a. i lovelovelove my new bangs!!!! they were too greasy to see all their potential but now i look in the mirror and i'm like BAM!!!!!!!!!! okay, girly section over (although i'm rather embarrassed because for senior proj i have a page up in firefox called 'how to be girly.' on the bright side, it's better than fat wet bootyfeaipfjea)
b. carlos isn't talking to me. he won't even look at me. i can't decide if it's because of the nyquil or not. if so, i'm leaving with the three most ridiculous and immature people on the planet. but i guess sometimes i fit in.

i've been thinking about innocence a lot. ben and i talked about it a little and looked at ogrish (ever heard??? the most gruesome and dehumanizing site i've ever seen).
my thoughts are that innocence should be preserved in children, but i'm super confused as to what i feel about whether innocence=ignorance and especially at what age should innocence be lost and how. i guess i use innocence as the opposite of desensitization.

interesting stuff.
it's like developmental psychology.


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e.annie.ashby said...

don't even talk to me about innocence.
I hate thinking about it. guilt sets in...
but, all around 5 star post. if only because you talk about ben branigan (all the time)
nighty night!

PS check facebook soon for some amazing pictures LOLZ