Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i'm sitting in my kitchen, an hour past my bedtime, unshowered
eating creme brulee after working out for 1.5 hours
and i have zero homework done for tomorrow.

ben, text me back!

why am i consistently in the weirdest moods ever?
unfortunately i think they are in fact turning into my personality.
i don't want to sleep, eat healthy, get good grades, clean my room
yet i'm tired, hungry, good at school, going crazy with my clutteredness

i'm just one big sack of blah.

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e.annie.ashby said...

you are the antithesis of blah.
i'm totally feeling this post, though.
I read this last night when I was up at like 1:30 scrambling to finish my homework and wishing I was bulemic so I could regain my physique.
Sound like the typical woes of a female adolescent if you ask me.

Just do something crazy.
I mean, you've made big changes to your life i.e. new job, so I would think you'd feel a little rejuvenated and have new, interesting things to doooo?
If not, hang out with evan milton more. you'll get into tons of crazy shit.

love, a