Sunday, February 17, 2008


"all poetic and philosophical and shit"
yes... indeed.
that was a hysterical comment.

cjeaiojceioafj (e-throat clear)
winter formal.
basically there was little to no awkwardness between zac and i
i was a teeny bit nervous at the beginning (see * below... got me frazzled)
but we get along pretty well.
the whole night FLEW by. we got there at 8:30, had to go change for the time warp ( then, by the time we got changed back after the whole battle of the bands and had chatted with everyone for a while, it was 10:30 so we danced for 25 minutes (sidenote: i missed you because i was dancing like a madwoman.)
afterwards, we went to donut stop & emma's house and zac took me home.
i "lingered" in his car for a little to give him a chance to make a move but he didn't so i was like "thankssomuchbye!" no hard feelings. i'm not too into him persayyy and would have had a good time, mack or not.
carlos was still up looking troubled and "couldn't sleep"... maybe because of the picture fiasco (again, see *)

anyway, that was my night
other than that, i'm pwnt in school, had my prairie life center interview today and basically have just been chillin and playing truth or dare with henry ginsberg over firstclass. that ended pseudo-climatically when he said i was a 7.693 (out of 10) and then asked if i would ever hook up with him.

*story (of my life!) time: so i let zac in when he picks me up and he enters the living room for a "quick pic" where 5 ecuadorians sit (as if they were my brothers there to give him the up down and ask him his intentions with me.) i ask someone to take a picture and, while carlos snaps one of zaccy and i, jaime randomly goes "carlos, kiss her!" and carlos is all "jaime, shut up!!!!!" and jaime answers "we all know you're in love with her" which time i snatched my camera from carlos' grubby hands and flew out the door, date in tow.

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