Thursday, February 14, 2008

come on petunia

when i first went to this blog last night,
i was like "oh. 4 comments. maybe ash wants an update"
but then i read the comment about lolcats...

luckily, i know you didn't mean that as your clearly a crazy gay-guy-following druggie and know not what you say.

anyway, thinking of you on this marvelous valentine's day.
i decided to wear head to toe black with the exception of my beloved neon pink legwarmers
then, for fun, i threw on superthick black eyeliner and pigtails.
so i guess the phrase "a sight for sore eyes" is kind of relevant because the fluorescent leg apparel are enough to make one's eyes sore.

mehhmehehhh mornings
i would read my mega-trashy book (bridget jone's diary... don't disown me!)
but that's embarrassing and i'm sitting by david raybine.

she talks slowly while she inhales
her lungs greedily pulling air
the leaves and twigs weaved in her hair
from a thousand hikes and trails

(i used to think of cool imagery all the time and want to write it down but never did
i should start doing that again. it's like an "eye" for photography... you have to acquire it)

1 comment:

e.annie.ashby said...

and superthick eyeliner.
almost pigtails, but i looked like a i went for the sexxxxed up bun.
N E WAY -- more proof we so twinnish


ALSO: you should start writing your little imageries down! they're very artsy and lovely.
there's a girl in my class who sits in the corner and scribbles in a journal the ENTIRE class. that can be you - writing imagery!
i've started bringing mine to class...i getz bored toooo

hap v . d. *blech*
i owes you a calllll!
black souls unite