Friday, February 22, 2008

birthing day.

today started wonderfully with a b-session to sarah about my parents and being served a notice of my pass revokation (revok+-ation=????). marvy.

but really, today is a good day.
i think i shall make birthday resolutions... but i will work on those later.
the first ones are to stop cussing and drink a million times more water (not literally. see: PS3 incident). and maybe to stop being a b to carlos after i talk to him about everything.

deep thoughts. okay. i need to talk about something actually substantial before i spontaneously combust (although that would be sweet).
i've been thinking about love vs. practicality. i was first inspired by this upon love-at-first-hear of the line "just because it's real don't mean it's gonna work" from true affection by the blow (excellent band, by the way. probably my favorite at the moment)
and also my cousin diane's scenario; the whole loving two guys but one is more compatible and she's totally devastated and depressed about it.
SO. (get ready for this carrie bradshaw action to rock your shiz) which is better: love first and then practicality second, or practicality and love second, if the second one is optional? which one lasts longer and creates a better relationship? what defines a good relationship? is a lasting relationship still the highest regarded relationship? can you really love someone for a short time? can an old married couple constantly bickering and staying together for the kids or for the sake of their scruples be considered to be in love (practicality>love)????

eighteen... meh.

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e.annie.ashby said...

im so drunkzies off my ass write now.
but tis post is THE BEST SHIT IVE EVR READ GIRL!!!!!!!!!