Tuesday, April 22, 2008

prom, graduation, college and death threats

these are all on my mind.
i'm wiggin' because of the last one though.

here's how it went down.
two versions.

version 1: word of mouth
monday- on many bathroom mirrors throughout westside a message was written saying "on friday 13 will die." other variations include "by friday" or "westside students will die."
tuesday- random windows were broken on the hill. eerily, there were 13. i heard it might of been gunshots.

version 2: news (source: http://www.action3news.com/Global/story.asp?S=8206161)
monday- "Just yesterday, officers headed to the school after teachers and students found several threatening messages in several restrooms at the high school. District 66 would not give out any specific information about what
"District 66 confirms that those cars were all parked in the neighborhood around the school. A spokesperson says the windows were likely broken by a BB or pellet gun. Omaha Police tell us they don't think the threats and the vandalism are connected."

maybe the bolded portion is true... but if it was really 13 (like if 3 didn't report yet or something).........

i'm scared.

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